Scientific Program

Friday, October 14, 2022 – starting at 14:00 CEST

New York- 08:00 AM, Hong Kong- 20:00, Los Angeles- 05:00 AM

14:00-14:25 Introduction and Guidelines for Diabetes Type 1
Itamar Raz, Israel
14:25-16:20 Session 1: Type 1 Diabetes: Future Technologies and Treatments
14:25-14:50 Artificial pancreas – Devices to prevent hypoglycemia
Ram Wiess, Israel
14:50-15:15 Prevention of T1D
Jay Skyler, USA
15:15-15:31 Cure of T1D
Domenici Accili, USA
15:31-15:55 Stem cells –> Beta-cell
James Shapiro, Canada
15:55-16:20 Prevention of Immune attack on stem cell
Matthias Hebrok, USA
Coffee Break
16:35-18:00 Session 2: Present and the Future in Treatment of Diabetes
16:35-17:00 Old drug new indications
Jaime Davidson, USA
17:00-17:14 Diabetes and inflammation
Roni Weinberg Sibony, Israel
17:14-17:35 New devices in the pipeline
Eytan Roitman, Israel
17:35-18:00 Role of CGM in era of SMBG
Saboo Banshi, India
18:00-19:30 Session 3: Prevention and Cure of Type 2 Diabetes
18:00-18:25 Prevention
Ralph Defronzo, USA
18:25-18:40 Cure
Stefano Del Prato, Italy
18:40-19:05 Hypoglycemia
Eberhard Standl, Germany
19:05-19:25 Microbiome
Karsten Kristiansen, Denmark

Saturday, October 15, 2022 – starting at 14:00 CEST

New York- 08:00 AM, Hong Kong- 20:00, Los Angeles- 05:00 AM

14:00-14:05 Day 2 Introduction
Itamar Raz, Israel
14:05-14:50 Session 4: Future Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes
14:05-14:22 Autoimmune diabetes in adults associated with overweight/ obesity: what therapy
Paolo Pozzilli, Italy
14:22-14:50 Small molecules potentially to prevent T1D
Zachary Bloomgarden, USA
14:50-16:15 Session 5: Prevention / Cure of Target Organs
14:50-15:04 The digital Revolution in Cardiology
Chaim Lotan, Israel
15:04-15:25 Renal
Benjamin Dekel, Israel
15:25-15:55 The Liver
Rifaat Safadi, Israel
15:55-16:15 Brain and Nerve
Yoram Gidron, Israel
Coffee Break
16:25-18:06 Session 6: Future Therapy for Diabetes Complications
16:25-16:50 Cardiorenal
Sin Gon Kim, South Korea
16:50-17:05 New treatments to protect the heart
Angelo Avogaro, Italy
17:05-17:23 Do Type 2 Diabetes Therapies Slow Cognitive Decline? The Evidence
Hertzel C. Gerstein, Canada
17:23-17:43 The Liver
Jeremy W. Tomlinson, UK
17:43-18:06 The changing burden of diabetes
Jonathan Shaw, Australia
18:06 -19:35 Session 7: Prevention and Cure of Obesity
18:06-18:27 Prevention
Gilad Twig, Israel
18:27-18:45 Cure-Drugs/Surgery
Luc Van Gaal, Belgium
18:45-19:16 Can we use Anti-Obesity Medication in the elderly?
Dror Dicker, Israel
Sponsored by Novo Nordisk
19:16-19:35 New therapeutic treatment for T2 diabetes with Oral GLP-1
Avi Karasik, Israel
Sponsored by Novo Nordisk
19:35-20:30 Session 8: Longevity
19:35-19:51 Nature versus nurture; Family history, self-management, and age of diabetes diagnosis
Juliana Chan, Hong Kong
19:51-20:07 Life extension
Einav Gross, Israel
20:07-20:33 Longevity
Nir Barzilai, USA
20:30 Summary
Itamar Raz, Israel