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Session 1: The 2020 highlights in …
Opening remarks: Mohamad Mohty, France & Arnon Nagler, Israel
… high-risk AML: Arnon Nagler, Israel
… CML: François Guilhot, France
… MDS: Thomas Cluzeau, France
Session 2: Advances in AML biology
Role of NPM1 mutation: Brunangelo Falini, Italy
Impact of microbiota modulation: Florent Malard, France
Panel discussion
Session 3: The hard to treat patients
Relapsed/refractory B-ALL: Dieter Hoelzer, Germany
Relapsed/refractory T-ALL: Eolia Brissot, France
Transplant for refractory AML: Mohamad Mohty, France
Panel discussion
Session 4: H.J. Khoury award
H.J. Khoury award presentation
PML, an unexpected effector of therapy response in APL and other malignancies:
Hugues de Thé, France
Session 5: Remission and post-remission therapy in high-risk acute leukemia
Induction therapy in AML: Michael Loschi, France
Allo-transplant in AML: Jordi Sierra, Spain
Autologous transplantation in AML: Norbert-Claude Gorin, France
Allo-transplant in ALL: Sebastian Giebel, Poland
Panel discussion
Session 6:  CAR-T cells in ALL
Recent results in children: André Baruchel, France
Recent results in adults: Christian Chabannon, France
Experience from China: He Huang, China
Management of toxicities: Bipin Savani, USA
Session 7: Management of elderly leukemia
AML: Farhad Ravandi, USA
Transplant for elderly leukemia: Didier Blaise, France
Supportive care: Bipin Savani, USA
Panel discussion
Session 8: Management of rare leukemias
Plasmacytoid dendritic cell leukemia: Naveen Pemmaraju, USA
ATL and HTLV-related disorders: Ali Bazarbachi, Lebanon
Acute promyelocytic leukemia: Miguel Sanz, Spain
Session 9: Novel drugs in leukemia
BTK inhibitors: Gianluca Gaidano, Italy
Antibody-drug conjugates: Norbert Vey, France
BCL-2 inhibitors: Thomas Prebet, USA
Panel discussion
Closing lectures
Advances in ALL therapy: Hagop Kantarjian, USA
Flt3 inhibitors in AML: Richard Stone, USA
Novel drugs development, evaluation and access: Jean-Luc Harousseau, France
Closing remarks